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is not over rated if you do it on your own terms. I have collected some, if not all, the ideas I have on how an even better travel experience can found.

It requires something which is rare today - and that time. Being spontanious is a good thing, but on the other hand, thats over rated! You are in a much better position to exploid you spontaniousness when you are well prepared!


§1 Get the most out of the trip by allowing your self to feel "prejoy"


Prejoy only requires a portion of anticipation and then it is practically for free. Prejoy is like unwrapping a present. Let it take some time and enjoy it while the exitement increases. Read about the destination, checkout the local calendar for festivals or performances while your are at the destination. Thats how you improve your odds and can cease the opertunity. That you arrives two days after a festival is really not worth a thing. The godess of luck smiles at the well- prepared.


§2 Cease the moment and do what you what to do while you are there.


"couldn't it be cool if I had..." you regret that you waisted the opertunity once you are back home.


§3 Meet the habitats/people of your destination


It is fun and allways brings surprices.



§4 Take photographs of ordinary things and events


The trip is much more than the sigthseeings it is just as much the time inbetween.

§5 section 1 Experiences stores in your brain with scents


Use for example a special shaving gel and you will be reminde of that trip when you smell that distinct scent.


§5 stk 2 Thats also valid for music


make a soundtrack to the trip, when I hear Chris Rea, Im in Greece...



Updated the
8th July 2005