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Touring in Italy
Touring in Poland
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East Africa
Travelling in Iran
Big trip USA 2003
Pictures from Denmark


Selected links:
Ducati Klub Danmark, for vikings with love for the Italian., JOY., Meet people when you travel, in their homes.
MCN! a UK site with fast MC news.
Movie database, the ultimative.
Pierres independent Iran travel description
Ayse & Jan's Travelspot A trip to Iran in a car!
The Royal Danish Ambassy in Teheran

American Girls are Easy, check this link.
Fowles The Writer
Schuberth Concept, a great MC helmet.
Schwaben Leder, MC quality leader suit.
Roger Waters, Former Pink Floyd member.
Kammerater i Krig or Band of Brothers, great WWII serie.
GS resourcer, good old Suzuki's
Muslumovo, a city in Russian, photograph by Nicolai Fuglsig og Mads Lindberg

Camp Nebagamon, USA. I was counselor there in 1991 - logger six.

The images are from Thailand, Kenya og the Tjeck Republic

As you can see, I love to travel, here is a list of what countries I have visited so far:

This map is from, thanks!

In USA: Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, Nebraska, Colerado, Utah, Arizona, Nevada, California, Oregon and Wisconsin in total 4 months of travel.


Other non european countries: Tanzania(+Zanzibar), Kenya, Iran, Thailand and Hongkong.


And the European countries:

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Finland, Sweden, Norway, Polan Czech Rep, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Greece, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, France, Monaco, Spain, Portugal, Luxemborg, UK, Belgium, Netherlands and last but defintely not least Germany.

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3th Januar 2004